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Starter Series Language ArtsPhonicsAdditional Series

Starter Series

The Starter Series is designed for students learning English for the first time. It includes five textbooks:

cover of ABC Starter ABC Starter, Phonics 1 and 2

Beginner students learn alphabet recognition and writing practice in ABC Starter. Phonics 1 and Phonics 2 introduce beginning sounds and word families.

  cover of Get Ready Get Ready 1 and 2

Get Ready provides beginner students with essential language for daily communication.



Language Arts

The language arts textbooks include vocabulary, sentence patterns, daily English, songs or chants, conversations, activities, writing, and reading practice in the form of short paragraphs or stories depending on the level. The language arts textbooks may also include phonics pages and practice pages.

cover of Way To Go Way To Go

This fourteen-level series includes student books, workbooks, test booklets and the supplementary Grammar Practice.

  cover of Get Ready to Learn Big Steps

Meet Chevady, Cody and their friends in this fun, six-level program for young learners.




Textbooks in the phonics series include letter names, letters and sounds, short vowels, word families, sight words, long vowels, blends, digraphs, R-controlled vowels, diphthongs and other rules and patterns.

The phonics textbooks introduce the rules with corresponding vocabulary and short phrases to help students practice decoding and improve their reading ability. The upper-level phonics textbooks also cover syllables, intonation and phonetic transcription.

cover of Phonics Phonics

The seven levels in Phonics include sight word recognition, blends, digraphs and syllables.

  cover of Sound It Out Sound It Out

Sound It Out 1-7 present phonetic concepts. Sound It Out 8-10 introduce the KK phonetic symbols.

cover of Spot-On KK Phonetics Spot-On KK Phonetics

The symbols of the KK phonetic system are presented with regular reading practice.

  cover of Stepping Stones Stepping Stones

Combining language arts and phonics, Stepping Stones helps students develop the necessary skills to ease the transition to elementary school English.


Additional Series

Some schools are also using the following series.

cover of Way To Go Learning By Doing Science

Hands-on experiments and activities to explore the wonderful world of science!

  cover of Way To Go Power Reader

Seven books of non-fiction articles for reading comprehension. Aligned to Way To Go 8 and above.

cover of Grammar Focus Plu Grammar Focus Plus

Supplementary books to reinforce the grammar introduce in the series Way To Go.

  cover of GEPT GEPT

Textbooks in this series focus on vocabulary, listening, writing and test practice for the General English Proficiency Test.




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