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Teaching FAQ

If you have a question regarding work permits, the ARC or qualification requirements, please see ARC FAQ.

Can fluent English speakers from any country apply?

Applicants must be in possession of a passport from one of the following recognized English-speaking countries: USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, Australia. If you do not hold a passport from one of these countries, the Webservice team is unable to approve your application.

A permit to teach English legally in Taiwan is only granted to holders of passports of the seven listed countries. This is a rule that is set by the National Immigration Agency in Taiwan. Our branch managers are reluctant to interview applicants that will face difficulty in obtaining a work permit. Read more about the ARC procedure here.

I'm not in Taiwan. Can I apply?

Sorry, no. However, you can apply to teach in China. Kid Castle in China may be accepting international applications.

Kid Castle in Taiwan cannot approve any applications from teachers that are not in the country because the branch managers hope to set up a telephone interview and a face-to-face interview at the earliest convenience. In some cases, teachers are asked to do a short teaching demonstration. Applicants are usually taken on a tour of the school, given the curriculum to look at, and introduced to some other members of staff. For these reasons, branch managers are not willing to conduct interviews remotely via web cam.

Please be aware that applications sent to us without a contact phone number in Taiwan will not get approved. If you plan to arrive in Taiwan soon, send us your application once you are here, and we can find out if any schools are hiring at that time. With hundreds of branches in Taiwan, the status of available teaching positions can change rapidly. We are not able to reserve vacancies for applicants that have not arrived yet.

Should I be able to speak Chinese?

Our classrooms are English-only environments in which the students (and the teacher!) are discouraged from speaking Chinese. Therefore, when the lesson requires the presentation of some point or idea that might be beyond the students' English vocabulary, the teacher must rely on non-verbal methods to be effective. Actions, visual aids, the students themselves, are all integral parts to a teacher's presentation.

Do I need teaching experience?

If you do not have any teaching experience at all, then we recommend taking a TEFL or similar short teaching course. The practical elements in a TEFL can count towards your teaching experience. Although it might be possible to get hired without a TEFL or teaching experience, the TEFL training will greatly help you prepare for the first day in the classroom!

How much vacation time can I take?

There are a number of national holidays each year, such as Moon Festival in the fall, Dragon Boat Festival in the summer, and several days for Chinese New Year in the winter. The dates for Chinese New Year vary each year and the official days off are announced by the government in advance. The break usually occurs in late January or February. Teachers on a full-time contract can receive pay for national holidays, Chinese New Year and typhoon days. Teachers can also apply for unpaid leave. See Calendar for more information about the academic year. Further details about leave are in the contract. Always check with your branch manager first before making holiday plans.

How much is health insurance?

Read about health insurance here.

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How much tax do I have to pay?

The short answer is it depends on your income and time spent in Taiwan in a calendar year. Read the long answer here!

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Does Kid Castle provide training?

Yes! In addition to training provided at the branch, there are regular workshops held at the head office. Click here for more details.

How long is the contract?

Teaching contracts are for one year. But we hope that you will want to stay beyond your first year. And your second. And your third ...

Who is Chevady?

Chevady is the loveable Kid Castle mascot who makes regular appearances in the textbooks. Sometimes Chevady is joined by his sister, Dommie, or other family members. Chevady is a dragon, instantly recognizable by his nose of love!



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