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Teach in China


Teaching positions are currently available in Kid Castle schools in Mainland China.

We have branches in Shanghai and other major cities in Mainland China. Kid Castle offers you a unique opportunity to discover real Chinese culture!

Click here for more information or fill out the online application form.

Teach in Taiwan

The Kid Castle Webservice facility offers teachers based in Taiwan a convenient way to apply for teaching jobs at local branches. To apply, please follow the instructions below or browse the branch locator to find branches that are in your area and contact them directly.

5 Steps to Apply
1.Are you in Taiwan?We can only approve applications from teachers that are currently in Taiwan. More information here.
2.Do you meet the requirements?We'll need to see a degree and a passport from one of these countries: UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa. Read more.
3.Do you have a complete application pack?Include your phone number in Taiwan, teaching résumé, photo, degree, passport picture page and any other relevant documents. Read more.
4.Submit application. Email your application pack to
5.Approval and distribution. Approved applications get distributed to branch managers. If your application is short-listed, the branch manager will phone you for further information or invite you to the school for an interview.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Application Reminders

Complete application packs get approved and distributed faster!

It's best to provide as many of the following documents as you can, so that we can present a complete application pack for our branch managers to review. Branch managers like to see that a prospective teacher has all the required documents ready to avoid any potential delays or problems with the ARC procedure. Please include the following documents in your application pack:

  • Teaching Résumé in PDF form. Your résumé must include your phone number and location in Taiwan. Please do not include your address or phone number in your home country.
  • Picture of yourself. Ideally, the picture shows you working with children. Formal or passport pictures aren't needed, happy and smiling is better! Please do not insert the picture into the résumé; attach the photo separately. You may need to resize large photos to avoid rejection from our server.
  • Degree: A scan is fine for the application, but the original will be requested later. See Getting the ARC for more information about the degree requirement.
  • Passport: Please include a scan or a photo of the picture page in your passport. This is proof of your nationality to confirm that you are eligible for the ARC.
  • Short Cover Letter: Briefly describe your location and availability.
  • Optional Extras: Please include any other relevant qualifications such as a TEFL certificate and references from previous teaching jobs if you have them.

You must be in Taiwan to apply.

Please apply once you have arrived in Taiwan and have a contact phone number in Taiwan. We regret that we do not have a facility to process applications from teachers that have not arrived in Taiwan yet. Applications without a contact number in Taiwan will not get approved or distributed.

If you are outside of Taiwan and seeking teaching work overseas, we highly recommend considering teaching in China. Kid Castle in China is expanding and accepting applications from teachers that have not relocated yet. If you like the sound of living in an exciting city like Shanghai, apply now!


The best time to apply is in summer.

The recruiting of teachers is aligned to the academic year. Schools try to avoid mid-semester disruption to classes by hiring teachers before the start of the academic year. Try to apply during the summer, about a month or two before the first semester begins (in August or September, see Calendar for more information). Typically, branch managers will do most of the recruiting between May and July for teaching positions that will begin in August or September. There are very few teaching vacancies after the first semester has started.



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