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Taipei Head Office

Address in English

8F, 98 Min Chuan Rd., Hsin Tien Dist.,

New Taipei City, Taiwan 23141

Address in Chinese

23141 新北市新店區民權路98號八樓

Tel: (+886) 02-2218-5996

Fax: (+886) 02-2218-9984


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Directions to Taipei Head Office

  1. Take the Taipei metro to Dapinglin station on line 3 (green).
  2. Go out of exit 1 and continue walking straight ahead. Go past Starbucks and Cosmed.
  3. You’ll see a large J-Mart sign ahead – walk towards this (about 3-5 mins.).
  4. At Jianguo Rd intersection, you’ll see the J-Mart and a second Starbucks on the right. Cross diagonally here towards the you-bike station.
  5. Continue walking in the same direction. Go past First Bank, 7-11 a fruit shop and CHB Bank.
  6. Enter 98 Minchuan Road, and take the elevator to the eighth floor.


Shanghai Head Office



11F, 1069 West Jin Sha Jiang Rd,

Shanghai, China 201803

Phone: (+86) 21-6708-6888



For teaching work in China, apply here.


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